About us

A little bit about our mission and how Dribble was born.

Our Story

Hello, I'm Gill.

Life they say, is about good friends and great adventures.  Wouldn’t it be great if parenting was the same?

Family day out at the beach

Creating Dribble

I created Dribble because I felt inspired when my son was born (despite the sleep deprivation!) to develop a resource to really  help parents. In my son’s early months, we wandered around Edinburgh, discovering the city and each other.

Out And About

It helped me feel sane… until I tried to find a safe haven to feed my gorgeous new bubba, meet other mums or have a coffee while he slept, without getting my pram stuck in a cafe door!

I needed a trusted friend to show me around so, I invented Dribble.

The Constant Companion in your pocket

Dribble helps you find the best, child-friendly spots near you, fast.

It’s like sat nav for parenting (with added hugs). Need a spot for a tired-out toddler? Just tap and we’ll take you there. Caught in the rain with feisty five years olds? Hey, we’ve got that too.

Kids play on the beach

Just Dribble It!

We personalise suggestions to suit your family plus, it’s all rated by parents so, when you need tips you can rely on, Just Dribble It!

Dribble is for Mums, Dads, Grandparents and all the other wonderful people that keep children busy.

Download now and never feel stuck at home again! I hope you enjoy it!

Gill xx

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COVID-19 Update:

Hi Dribblers, 

We hope you are safe and healthy. We are a small team and as such we will not be able to update all the venues and businesses on the app to reflect the unprecedented situation at present. 

We strongly advise you adhere to government guidelines and stay home as much as possible. We have some suggestions for indoor and garden fun both on the app and on our Facebook page. Stay safe and healthy and we’ll be here for your inspiration on the other side. 

The Dribble team x

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