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We are excited to introduce you all to a fantastic new partner, Lily & Ribbon, who’s brand and ethos are on point with what Dribble is all about – making families feel comfortable, confident and in control when heading out and about so they can make amazing memories together. Lily & Ribbon is a specialist maternity and nursing brand for women who want to look and feel amazing throughout their pregnancy and beyond. With a collection that spans bright breastfeeding activewear, hospital bag essentials and glamorous maternity and nursing dresses. Plus we have an amazing discount to offer Dribblers too! Read on to hear more about founder, Tanya’s journey and vision.


Dribble and Lily & Ribbon

At Dribble, we want to help parents feel as comfortable and confident as possible, when heading out with their children, in order for them to have a fantastic time together and make amazing memories. Feeling comfortable is a huge part of this, especially at the beginning of your parenting journey. For me personally, feeling comfortable breastfeeding was hugely important and having the right kind of clothes adds to this. I remember going out with my mum with my first child and getting her to help me ‘get in position’ and then my first time out alone. I chose somewhere with a comfortable sofa and positioned away from a window! By the time I had my second, I was a lot more confident in both the act of breastfeeding to ensure my child was being nourished but also comfortable in doing this in public. I’m excited to have a new partner who helps support new mums in this journey too.

Gill x

The conception of a brand

Lily & Ribbon was established by Tanya who dreamed about making maternity and nursing a more glamorous and fashionable stage in a woman’s life.

During her pregnancy buying fashionable and sustainable clothing was not easy, the market seemed polarised between affordable frumpiness and expensive elegance. When she found out she was pregnant and started to show a little bump she went into a well known department store; coming out with a boring dotty dress.

It came to a head on a short getaway where she just wanted a beautiful swimsuit that fitted her and her bump and made her feel glamorous – without breaking the bank. Nothing fitted the bill so she decided to do something about it. She started to concept her maternity and nursing clothing idea with her little new born baby boy anytime she could,  in between feeds and nappy changes.  

She launched Lily & Ribbon with a pocket full of dreams and introduced functional but flattering nursing and maternity wear to the UK.


best maternity jeanLily & Ribbon: fashionable and sustainable

Much of the collection incorporates innovative nursing access which carries the garments through into post-pregnancy.

Lily & Ribbon has been on a great startup journey featuring in the Evening Standard as ‘Best Maternity Newcomer’ and winning leading product awards from The Independent for ‘Best Maternity Jeans’ and Women’s Health magazine for ‘Best Maternity Bra’. As well as being featured in national publications such as Grazia, Mother and Baby and You Magazine.
 This was the birth of Lily and Ribbon since then it has been a total whirlwind from learning how to give a baby a bath, supplier visits, how to do baby grow buttons, branding, weaning, accounting and soft play dates!

Lily & Ribbon pride ourselves in making mama’s feel as special as possible. From the unwrapping of the parcel to feeling beautiful in our products, every moment is carefully crafted by us.

Now, Tanya has two boys Zak (aged 4 also chief packing/label officer), and Xavier (6 months – chief raspberry blower) and the business has been recognized as a disruptor to the maternity and nursing market.


Dribble Discount

As a Dribble partner, Lily & Ribbon are offering Dribblers 10% off their first purchase, with the code DRIBBLE10. Have a browse on their website and see what else you might like!

For more discounts and offers, check out the offers section of the Dribble app.

Gill x

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