How to conquer the kids' first haircut

When it comes to little ones there always the firsts! First cuddly toy given, first food tasted, first tooth out, first steps taken, the list goes on. The list of first times at some point includes their first trip to the hairdressers. For some little ones their first hair cut passes by without incident. For others though it’s a totally different story that can leave both parents and child alike fearing the next time they must set foot in the hairdressers. This blog will give you top tips on how to conquer the kids’ first haircut with ease!

Visit a child friendly hairdresser and make sure your little one has a great time!

Dribble’s Konica has her first family trip to the hairdressers

I vividly remember my little one’s first trip to the hairdressers. It wasn’t planned but, in my wisdom, I decided at around 4pm on a winters afternoon that he really needed a haircut so popped into my local hairdressers. Luckily they had an appointment there and then. However, I then spent the next 30 minutes trying to keep a hungry toddler still on my knee whilst the hairdresser proceeded to slowly cut his hair. By the time we left I was flustered and my toddler was less than happy!

To try and minimise this sort of scenario from happening (!) Naomi, from the fab Kids Stop hairdressers in Bruntsfield shares some of her top tips for parents, when bringing your little one to the hairdressers for their first haircut or if your little one has been difficult previously.

Naomi’s Top Tips to conquer the kid’s first haircut:

Naomi says, “The first hair cut. It’s not a myth, if you cut those first locks they will grow back stronger and grow in quicker. If you don’t cut those first hairs they will be fragile and break off more easily. This will only benefit the hair that’s been cut, not the hair that hasn’t grown in yet, that can still take a long time for some children.”

  1. When your small, the word CUT, and SCISSORS are associated with sore and sharp. When talking about going to the Hairdressers with your little one I’d suggest saying “you’re going to get your hair done” or “the stylist is going to make your hair look nice.”
  2. Try to arrive earlier for your appointment. This will let your child settle in and get familiar with the place 🙂
  3. Some children are very sensitive with the hair touching their skin. If they won’t wear the gown that’s provided, then bringing some spare clothes for them to change into after they’ve had their hair cut will help.

Hopefully thanks to Naomi’s top tips your little one’s next trip to the hairdressers will be a fun filled event and not a flustered wrestling match!

Do you cut your little ones hair or do you take them to the hairdressers? If you cut your little ones hair why? Have you had any hair disasters?!

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