The 4th Trimester

We’re really excited to be introducing a new story series that explores the Journey to Parenthood and Beyond. Becoming a mum or a dad is just one destination on the parenthood journey and there are many thereafter. Throughout this series we are going to explore various Dribblers’ journeys to becoming a parent and that of parenthood itself and how those journeys look different to each other and from what individuals may have expected before they set out on theirs. 

There are some exceptional and inspiring stories on their way and we hope they bring comfort, understanding and acceptance to you, and maybe even open you to alternative experiences, as you hear what other parents have to say.

We’re kicking this off with our first blog from the lovely Helen Laidlaw who speaks about the baby sensory journey. Helen decided that on becoming a mum, she didn’t want to return to her job as an Events Planner and instead to take on a Baby Sensory franchise- read her journey below…

‘The 4th trimester, postpartum the moment you realise that the actual hard work of parenthood begins!’

The 4th trimester, the becoming a Mummy!  Up until this point I hadn’t even thought about the beyond child birth, the overwhelming responsibility of being a mother, the expectation that I knew what I was doing, I mean I ran an Events Company life was all about itineraries and lists, surely this wee bundle would fall into line and know the running order of the day!

And the answer to that would be a resounding NO!  Well he had his own itinerary I’ll give him that he just wasn’t sharing the details with me and so we entered blindly the world of the 4th trimester, now this was 11 years ago, sure the term 4th trimester was there but was it talked about I don’t remember, was it a thing? I don’t remember!

What I do remember was being absolutely terrified.

Our first adventure out was to a breastfeeding support group when he was 4 weeks old, the whole feeding thing wasn’t going so well, added to this the very first time we had gone out on our own no husband, where was my Mum and Sisters! We were both terrified, swear I could see the fear in his wee eyes!  Is she capable of carrying this off?

The trip wasn’t totally disastrous, we managed the meeting he slept all the way through and didn’t dare wake him so we left with not much more gained than before we went.  BUT I had managed out, on my own, even managed a quick dash round Tesco for emergency chocolate and we both survived!

Then we found Baby Sensory! 

Baby Sensory was the only class we did, we went for a taster session in the local sports centre, where we met the most amazing lady called Elaine.  Elaine ran Baby Sensory in Edinburgh, she was just starting her Baby Sensory journey as a class leader and 11 years on she still runs Baby Sensory Edinburgh as a Regional Manager.

I loved it, absolutely loved it, it was the highlight of my week and Jamie’s.  He would watch Elaine intently, once he was on the move he was up stealing the props, trying to get under the table cloth, interacting with other babies as well.  It was fab!

Most importantly I made friends with other Mums in class, we had our wee Mum group we met up every week, we went on outings to the Zoo, we had BBQ’s we all got together to celebrate 1st birthday parties it brought so much fun and excitement to the first year it is a memory that will never fade and with the help of social media we are all still in touch one way or another!

It’s funny how things work out in life, 5 years ago I found myself closing a door on one chapter of my life and looking for another door to open, with no idea what to do next a chance conversation, reconnecting with Elaine 8 years on brought me back to the world of Baby Sensory, and a new door was opened.

Backed by over 35 years of Baby Development Research, Baby Sensory’s founder is Dr Lin Day, her passion and drive in the Baby Development field has put Baby Sensory firmly at the top of the Baby Class to attend, multi award winning, classes run throughout the UK and the world, it truly is precious early learning for babies.

How does all this fit into the world of the 4th trimester?

Through the world of facebook and Instagram we see images of how we should be or how we think we should be, what works for some of us doesn’t work for others but how to navigate this new world with a baby in tow and live up to expectations, it’s a minefield, it’s a whole other level of pressure, it’s the 4th trimester!

Finding a class for you and your wee one can be hit or miss, it is true Baby Sensory is not for all however 33,000 babies a week take part in a Baby Sensory class throughout the UK, we are multi award winning and we are, and I make no apologies here, the best!

We guarantee that every week is different even if you attend classes for a year.  At Baby Sensory you’ll experience up to an hour of fun and bonding with your baby. The class is broken up into three parts which includes 45 minutes of sensory activities designed to enhance your baby’s learning and development. We also include a 10-15 minute break during which time you can visit our exploratory play area, rest and relax, feed your baby or spend time getting to know other parents.

We have lots of fun activities that can be recreated at home, great ideas for homemade play and also lots of wow activities guaranteed to amaze babies and adults alike.

It takes a year to become a fully trained Baby Sensory practitioner, one week we can be diving under the sea, or launching into space, exploring treasure baskets, playing musical statues or bouncing on pumpkins!  Everything we do has research behind it, has a reason, has a learning point but most of all it is fun, relaxed and ensures for that hour quality time for Mum & Baby!

So the 4th trimester, scary yep, magical absolutely, rewarding definitely, finding your nearest Baby Sensory class a must!

You can experience some of the wonderful Baby Sensory classes that Helen has mentioned across Scotland AND redeem a fantastic Dribble offer too with our app! There are also loads of other offers for you to enjoy as well as hearing the experiences of other parents of venues they have visited and classes they have attended

Just download the Dribble app for free here:

Remember you can take a peek at the reviews for Baby Sensory from other parents by finding it in the ‘Recommended by Dribble’ section, or just search them by name. If you have already been and you enjoyed your class why not leave them a review to help other families too

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