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Happy Users

Only had your app for few days now and already took my grandaughter to Conifox and Secret Herb Garden, can’t thank you enough! So excited to keep planning new activities to keep her amused! 

Laura, Grandmother

The thing I love most about the Dribble app is reading reviews from real local parents and carers. It makes choosing child-friendly places to visit so much easier.

Hazel, Edinburgh

I suffer from weekend anxiety whereby come Thursday the burning question about, “What are we doing this weekend?” creeps up. Taking account of Scotlands weather and the busy lifestyle we lead the thought is often daunting. An app like Dribble is fabulous to give inspiration and guidance to what is suitable for families of different criteria. We love a day out at Almond Valley or Troon if its dry and sunny but struggle more on a wet day so this new venture excites me and hopefully will ease the struggle.

Sharon, Hamilton

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