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My daughter has just turned 1, I started mat leave and had no idea where was a ‘safe and baby friendly place’. Trust me that’s all I wanted in the beginning. I have followed dribble since it started and I love it. In my opinion you are achieving what you set out to do, you make things that bit easier, you help us find the best child friendly spots and I thank you for that. I wish you all the success with the app 

Local mum

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The Dribble app allows me to filter the venues by location, facilities and even places that have good coffee (essential at the moment!

Another great use for the app is to find places to meet up with groups of mums/ parents, knowing that there’ll be plenty of room for us and the buggies!

Lindsay, Glasgow

Make the most of your family time while discovering fun new places to adventure around Scotland’s Central Belt.

COVID-19 Update:

Hi Dribblers, 

We hope you are safe and healthy. We are a small team and as such we will not be able to update all the venues and businesses on the app to reflect the unprecedented situation at present. 

We strongly advise you adhere to government guidelines and stay home as much as possible. We have some suggestions for indoor and garden fun both on the app and on our Facebook page. Stay safe and healthy and we’ll be here for your inspiration on the other side. 

The Dribble team x

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